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What is Young ANA about?

Young ANA is a network within the Austrian Neuroscience Association (ANA). Our people are young scientists: students or junior postdoc (< 5 years) doing neuroscience Austria or abroad (Young ANA - Internationals).

Our activities are entirely based on voluntary contribution and self-determined commitment. The membership to Young ANA is not attached to demands or obligations. However, our network-projects are kindly supported by the Austrian Neuroscience Association which you might be interested joining as member

Our goals:
  1. Connect Young Researchers
  2. Increase the visibility of Young ANA members
  3. Advertise Neuroscience-related initiatives
  4. Help the success our young scientists in the competitive environment of research
  5. Share Knowledge
  6. Create opportunities
  7. Have fun!

This Website, as well as our Facebook Group and Facebook Page are the main online tools where you can Keep updated about what's going on.


Bruno Benedetti
President of Young ANA

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