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The Neuroscience Local Chapter Graz Team invites you to the next regular Local Chapter meeting:

When: May 8, 2018, 6:30 pm
Where: Graz (SR 04.31, Universitätsplatz 4, top floor)

Planned presentations:

  • DI Dr. Christoph Pokorny will give a talk on his work "Towards Communication with Non-Responsive Patients" executed at the Institute of Neural Engineering in the group of Prof. Müller-Putz.
  • Aitak Farzi, PhD from the Pharmacology Unit of the Otto Loewi Research Center (Vascular Biology, Immunology and Inflammation) will give an overview about her research with special focus on the "gut-microbiota-brain axis".

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

All the best,
Franz Hallwirth, Magdalena Temmel, Geraldine Zenz

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Skype Meeting Young ANA - Wien Team: 09 March 2018. 
Defining goals, forming teams, setting tasks and schedules.

Click here to download the meeting minutes

 Skype Meeting Young ANA - Innsbruck Team: 21 March 2018.
Innsbruck, Salzburg, Young ANA internationals/London! Click here to download the meeting minutes








Skype Meeting Young ANA - Wien Team: 09 March 2018.
Connection with Young ANA president, Salzburg and Young ANA international, Paris. Agenda: defining goals, forming teams, setting tasks and schedules.

Click here to download the meeting minutes
 Skype Meeting Young ANA - Innsbruck Team: March 2018.
Connection with Young ANA president, Salzburg and Young ANA internationals, London (maybe) Want to join? check out our Doodle!
  Skype Meeting Young ANA - Graz Team:3 April 2018.
Graz, Salzburg Click here to download the meeting minutes







  Young ANA - Wien hangout
23 March
Contact us about our next hangout!

Young ANA @ FENS
Hangout in Berlin for Young ANA Teams & friends.
Details coming soon!

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Our help to other initiatives

IST Austria Young Scientist Symposium 4. May 2018 

The IST Austria Young Scientist Symposium is back for the 8th edition!

This one-day symposium is organized by graduate students and post-docs of IST Austria to elucidate a common research theme by diverse scientific disciplines. This year´s title is: “GAME ON! Designs, Strategies and Rewards across Science”.  

The symposium will start with an opening talk given by Ruth Chang, a philosopher investigating the process of decision making and how emotions contribute to it. After the first talk, six world leading scientists will cover the main research areas represented at IST Austria including Evolutionary Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Physics all related to game designs, playing strategies and the effect of rewards.

The Young Scientist Symposium is open to academics at all stages of their career. In particular we encourage other young scientists to attend this event, take part in the discussion and get in contact with us if they want to have lunch with a specific speaker.


Brain Awareness Week 2018 Salzburg

 Five exciting days, at the Haus der Natur. Researchers from the Paris Lodron University University of Salzburg, the Paracelsus Private Medical University, and the König Engineering GmbH will answer complex and exciting scientific questions with interactive workshops dedicated to high schools and with a lecture for the general public. Curious? Check out the Flyer.

 The Wissensdurst Festival: Science for EVERYONE
Where? Wien, Salzburg and Innsbruck in the coolest venues Downtown
.  When?
23 to 25 April 2018 ...Relaxed mood, clever Topics, open discussion, free entrance! Curious? FREE-BOOKING NOW OPEN ONLINE! Check out the Website and FB page!

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