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Do not miss the ANA and EBBS special networking events at FENS 2022

Are we equipped to work interdisciplinarily? On the lack of philosophical education for neuroscientists

Lots of prices dedicated to our young neuroscientists:

We are happy to announce that registered participants will have the cha

nce to win 1 X 300 Euro travel grant for ANA meeting 2023 in Budapest*, 3 x Springer book-voucher á 180 Euro, 3 x ANA student membership** and 6 exclusive t-shirts “Part of a bigger Picture”.

To partake into the prize selection, show your individual registration code upon attendance. Check-in with at the venue, right before or after the networki

ng event. Winners will be selected randomly and contacted individually after the FENS.

For information and registration, follow the links

*This prize is reserved for ANA student members: to apply for student membership follow the link: The prize will be delivered after the attendance to ANA meeting Budapest 2023. Detailed instructions will be made available to the winners. ** To benefit of an ANA student membership you must be a young neuroscientist, part of an official master or PhD program (proof will be requested), detailed instruction are available upon registration More info: 

FENS 2022: FENSy Dine in Paris!

Do you go to FENS 2022? Join us for a night of Parisian decadence! On the 12. Of July, after the ANA general assembly, we will dine at Les Tontons 15, a peculiar restaurant near the meeting venue.

Please write an email* to to join our guest list (plus ones allowed)** 


Guests are kindly requested to pay dinner their own way at the restaurant. The first round of drinks is courtesy of Young ANA. Les Tonton 15 specializes on tartare. Check out the EXOTIC menu:

* Reserve asap! Places are limited and we cannot guarantee availability upon late reservation ** Reservation by ANA members is prioritized. Please use your academic email address and state names and affiliations

Memories of ANA 2021 Salzburg

These are your pictures of the meeting. Enjoy the retrospective and thank you for the generous contribution.

Congratulation to Kinga, Manuel and Verena on the winning of the Picture Prize at ANA Meeting 2021 Salzburg!



Who loves Neuroscience?  

Young ANA Social Media Award is an initiative to help us telling the story of our community.

News and updates about the meetings and related promotions & prizes are coming soon!

More info: 

We are glad to announce the new winners of Young ANA Social Media Award:

Sabria Lagoun, Anikó Fejes, and Szabolcs Biró

Congratulations to the amazing trio, cofounder of "The Brainstorms Scientifics", which has taken Austria by storm with exceptional live and online events.

Check out their website or follow them on Facebook!

 -Young ANA on the map-






Support social events at international meetings!


Neuroscience blog: Pick my brain! 




Supports Wissensdurst Festival!

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