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Upcoming events

    • 23 Mar 2020
    • 10 Apr 2020
    • Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, France

    Registration fee: 3.500 € (includes tuition fee, accommodation and meals). Please note that ANA may provide 50% of the registration costs for its members if they are accepted to this course.

    Course website: Advanced imaging techniques

    Registration deadline: December 15, 2019

    Course director: Dmitri Rusakov
    UCL Queen Square 
    Institute of Neurology
    United Kingdom

     Tatiana Korotkova
    Neuronal circuits and behaviour
    MPI for Metabolism Research

    Grégory Giannone
    UMR 5297 University of Bordeaux

    • 19 Apr 2020
    • 22 Apr 2020
    • Rungstedgaard, north of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Conference website: Brain Stroke

    Registration fee, early registration FENS (ANA) members: 635 €
    Registration fee, early registration non-members: 685 €
    Registration fee, regular registration (members and non-members): 750 €

    Registration fee includes programme book with abstracts and meeting costs
    - lunches, dinners and coffee breaks
    - conference Farewell Dinner (22 April 2020)
    Details on accommodation are provided on the Conference Website

    Please note that ANA may provide 50% of the registration costs (early registration) for its members if they are accepted to this course. The Brain Prize, IBRO-PERC and FENS offer 15 stipends of 1,000 EUR for international students or early career scientists who attend the conference. Part of the grant will be used to cover the registration fee for the awardee. Check details on the Conference website.

    Early registration ends January 17, 2020
    Regular registration ends February 12, 2020

    Costantino Iadecola
    Weill Cornell Medicine, USA

    Timothy Murphy
    The University of British Columbia, Canada

    • 6 Jun 2020
    • 13 Jun 2020
    • Bertinoro, Training Center of the University of Bologna, Italy

    School Website: Computations for sensory perception

    Registration opens December 2019

    • 15 Jun 2020
    • 3 Jul 2020
    • Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, France

    Understanding the cellular complexity of the nervous system is a key endeavor in the pursuit to reveal the biological underpinnings of brain function. The recent methodological development of high-throughput single-cell profiling techniques and analysis has emerged as an essential tool for characterizing cellular diversity in the brain offering data sets that hold the promise of being complete, accurate and permanent. This course will teach central ideas, methods, and practices of single cell profiling and hands-on computational analysis through a combination of lectures from prominent international faculty speakers, experimental projects and data analysis workshops.

    Course director: Jens Hjerling-Leffler
    Department of Medical
    Biochemistry and Biophysics,
    Karolinska Institutet,

    Course Website here

    • 11 Jul 2020
    • 15 Jul 2020
    • Glasgow, UK

    Please look out for details on the FENS and on the FENS Forum 2020 Websites

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