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Initiative Gehirnforschung Steiermark

Der Verein „Initiative Gehirnforschung Steiermark INGE St.“ hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, das steirische Forschungspotential im Bereich der Neurowissenschaften zu bündeln, die Rahmenbedingungen für die in diesem Bereich tätigen WissenschaftlerInnen zu verbessern sowie die vielfältigen Aspekte der Thematik in der Öffentlichkeit bekannt und bewusst zu machen.

ANA Local Chapter Graz

Initiatiated by two ambitious students from Graz, Barbara Scherz & Magdalena Daurer (née Temmel)

Current Board:

Simon Fandler-Höfler


Daurer (née Temmel)

Geraldine Zenz

On Thursday, November 24, 2016, two Austrian societies (ANA and INGE St.) invited to the Opening-Event of the newly founded “Local Chapter Graz” in the Meerscheinschlössl in Graz. The event marked the official start for the “Local Chapter Graz” with planned regular seminars, beginning in January 2017. The event was opened by Peter Holzer (INGE St. President) and Sigismund Huck (ANA Vice President) who introduced and presented an overview on activities of the INGE St. and the ANA, respectively. Afterwards, scientific talks were given by Christof Körner (Institute of Psychology, University of Graz, “Fixation-based analyses: Co-registration of eye movements with EEG and fMRI”), Gernot Müller-Putz (Institute of Neural Engineering, Technical University of Graz, “Non-invasive EEG-based hand/arm control”), and by Peter Jonas (IST Austria, “Synaptic mechanisms of pattern completion”). For a brief report on previous activities click onto 1st year - Summary.

On February 16, the Local Chapter has held it's (2018) main event: “How to communicate (Neuro-)Science”
(17.00 s.t., Meerscheinschlössl, Mozartgasse 3, 8010 Graz).  Here you can find a brief summary. Highlights of the meeting was a guest lecture by Rupert Lanzenberger (Neuroimaging labs, Medical University of Vienna) and a presentation by Birgit Dalheimer (ORF Ö1) on "how to communicate (Neuro)Science". Therafter there was ample opportunity for networking with food and drinks.

The Local Chapter Graz is a joint activity of ANA and the

Birgit Dalheimer

Photo Credits: Christine Rechling

Rupert Lanzenberger

The research core area Brain and Behaviour at the University of Graz aims to combine behavioural and neuroscientific methods in a multimethod and interdisciplinary research effort to shed further light on this issue. We combine modern imaging technologies and up-to-date brain-stimulation techniques with innovative as well as classic behavioural research methods and measurements. This approach empowers us to provide answers to pressing societal challenges. In today’s society achievement and knowledge are crucial for development and success. To excel, competencies have to be identified, harnessed, supported, and preserved. At the same time, people’s health and well-being has to be considered, protected, and if necessary restored.

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