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IBRO - The International Brain Research Organisation

IBRO is a union of neuroscience organizations with the aim to promote and support neuroscience training and collaborative research around the world. More than 80 international, national and regional scientific organizations constitute IBRO's Governing Council, which together with the six IBRO Regional Committees launch the educational programmes that will reach young neuroscientists in need of support and assistance. In addition, IBRO has partnerships with like-minded federations of scientific societies to identify priorities and help bridge gaps in knowledge, investment and resources in the field of the brain and related diseases, from development to ageing.

Since 1999, IBRO has run a Neuroscience Schools Programme, organized by the committees of IBRO’s six Regions, aimed at forming interactive networks among students and teachers during training courses in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Western Europe, and the US and Canada.

An average of 20-25 Schools are organized annually. As a result, IBRO has over 4000 alumni, who communicate among themselves and schools faculty via their own website and Facebook page.

The stated mission of the society is to:

  • develop, support, co-ordinate and promote scientific research in all fields concerning the brain;
  • promote international collaboration and interchange of scientific information on brain research throughout the world;
  • provide for and assist in education and dissemination of information relating to brain research by all available means.

Neuroscience is the official journal of IBRO. It is published as 28 issues a year, by Elsevier Science. Neuroscience: Science of the Brain is a booklet for older children and the general public. It aims to describe our current understanding of brain function. Each of the twenty chapters focuses on a different aspect of the brain and is written by leading neuroscientists in that field. It is available in over twenty languages.

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