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Here are a few things you can do after you are logged-in to the website:

  • How to login (for ANA members only): Click on the figurine on the upper right corner and enter your email address. When clicking onto "forgot password" you will receive an email with a link for choosing a new password.
  • You will have several options four paying your dues: (1) By transfer to the ANA account (2) By Credit Card (3) By SEPA direct mandate (Bankeinzug). For doing so, please fill out the form and send it (also electronically) to  the ANA Treasurer Petra Scholze, Center for Brain Research, Spitalgasse 4, 1090 Vienna
  • Once you are logged-in you should complete your Profile. Upon editing, you may select which (if any) information you want to be visible (in the Directory) either publicly or to ANA members only (click onto "Private" for showing the options). When you are logged-in you may always check and modify your profile by clicking onto the figurine. You will also see the fields "Sponsor Name" and "Sponsor Email" which you don't have to complete if you are member already.
  • Write something to the ANA Blog, for example about a recent publication from your lab. Please note that at this point, regular members are not able to add images or other media files to bog posts. If you want to add images, please send them to If you provide an image, your publication may also be highlighted on the ANA front page.
  • Write something in the new ANA Forum, like an Event Announcement, a talk, paper or book recommendation, or a simple hello.
  • Leave your comments on ANA News or Blog posts.
  • Please provide feedback by answering short questionnaires when we are asking for.

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