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01-31.01.2021 Open call: ANA - PhD thesis award More Info

15-21.03.2021 Brain Awareness Week 2021 More info / registration 

25-28.02.2021 CINP 2021 (online)  More info 

15-16.03.2021 Syngap1 (online) More info

22-26.03.2021 Cajal Hands-on training course (online); Extracellular Electrophysiology Acquisition More Info

24.04.2021-01.05.2021 NSAS – Microbiota and the Brain More Info

 01-08.05.2021 NSAS – Neuroinflammation More Info

09-16.05.2021 NSAS – Sleep, Brain Development, Neurodegeneration More Info

22-29.05.2021 NSAS – Acute to Chronic Pain More Info

06-12.06.2021 FENS Summer School - Artificial and natural computations for sensory perception: what is the link? (Bernitoro, Italy) More Info

12-19.06.2021 NSAS –Computational Psychiatry More Info

12-19.06.2021 NSAS –  Arousal, Attention and Motivation More Info

14.06.2021-02.07.2021 Cajal Hands-on training course; Bioenergetics for Brain Function (online) More Info

19-26-06-2021 NSAS - Neural Circuit Dynamics More Info

04.-24.07.2021 Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Program; Computational Neuroscience (Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal) More Info  

28.08.2021 – 04.09.2021 NSAS - Learning and Memory More Info

11-18.09.2021 NSAS - Molecular Tactics for Glioblastoma More Info

11-18.09.2021 NSAS - Synaptic Basis of Disease More Info

18-25.09.2021 NSAS -  Single Cell Omics  More Info

20.09.2021-08.10.2021 Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Program; Ageing cognition (Bordeaux, France) More Info

28-30.09.2021 ANA meeting – Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria) More Info

07-10.07.2021 XV European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease (Marseille, France) More info

20-22.10.2021 Brayn 4th ‘Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists (Pisa, Italy) More Info

20-23.10.2021 The Brain Conferences – RNA mechanisms & Brain Disease (Rungstegaard, Denmark)  More Info

24-27.10.2021The Brain Conferences –Brain Stroke: Why, how and hope (Rungstegaard, Denmark) More info

22.11.2021-10-12.2021 Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Program; Optogenetics, chemogenetics and biosensors for cellular and circuit neuroscience (Bordeaux, France) More Info

09-15.01.2022 FENS-Hertie Winter School - Multiscale approaches to probe psychiatric disorders More Info

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