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ANA Travel Grants to FENS Forum

ABOUT THE INITIATIVE: These travel grants are to help as many young and productive neuroscientists as possible to attend the most crucial European Neuroscience conference: the FENS Forum (amount of support depends on the location of the forum). 

This time we sponsor 10 travel grants à € 300,- to go to the FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna.


- Be ANA student member OR regular member (PhD completed since no longer than 3 years)
- Having registered and submitted an abstract to the FENS Forum 2024.

- Not have previously received an ANA Travel Grant for a FENS Forum (travel support to an ANA meeting is not an exclusion criterion)

If eligible, we expect that you first apply for a FENS/IBRO travel grant and apply to ANA thereafter (see application package details, please note for 2024 no Austrian residents are eligible). 

WHEN TO APPLY: Send us your funding application after you registered to a FENS meeting. FENS meetings recur every other year - Check out the website for more info and event dates Fens Abstract submission and registration is expected to open on the 29th of November 2023


Send your application to the ANA Secretary Johannes Passecker ( before the 14.02.2024


  • Submitted Abstract (without personally identifiable information)
  • Motivation letter (without personally identifiable information, max. 1 page)
  • Signed letter of Support by the PI confirming 1) the status of the applicant, 2) planned FENS attendance and 3) FENS/IBRO travel grant submission or reason why not. (The PI support letter does not need to include support other than these three points)
  • Proof of FENS abstract submission
  • For those eligible Proof of FENS/IBRO travel grant submission, for those not eligible PI letter needs to provide reason of why not (see above)
Given that the FENS Forum 2024 uniquely occurs in Vienna, we will apply a ranking criteria based on the institution location, as people working in and around Vienna have considerably less financial expenditures as those who do not. 

We congratulate the 2022 Paris FENS Forum Travel Grant Winners:

Ben-Orli Nathanson
David Vijatovic
Laura Burnett
Marta Nowakowska
Önal Cihan

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