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FENS Travel Grants

ABOUT THE INITIATIVE: These travel grants are to help as many young and productive neuroscientists as possible to attend the most crucial European Neuroscience conference: the FENS (amount of support depends on the location of the forum). 

This year we sponsor 5 travel grants à € 600,- to go to the FENS Forum 2022.

No decision has been taken for the FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna

Updated Eligibility & Application Process


- Be ANA student OR regular member (PhD completed since no longer than 3 years)
- Having registered and submitted an abstract to the FENS Forum 2022.

- Not have received a ANA FENS Travel Grant (Travel support to an ANA meeting is not an exclusion criterion)

If eligible, we expect that you first apply for a FENS/IBRO travel grant and apply to ANA thereafter (see application Package details). If you receive a FENS/IBRO Travel grant 

WHEN TO APPLY: Send us your funding application after you registered to a FENS meeting. FENS meetings recur every other year - Check out the website for more info and event dates


Send your application to the ANA Secretary Johannes Passecker ( before the 15.04.2022


  • Submitted Abstract without personalized/institutional information (Body text only)
  • Motivation letter personalized/institutional information (Max. 1 page)
  • Signed letter of Support by the PI confirming 1) the status of the applicant, 2) planned FENS attendance and 3) FENS/IBRO travel grant submission or reason why not. (The PI support letter does not need to include support other than these three points)
  • Proof of FENS abstract submission
  • For those eligible Proof of FENS/IBRO travel grant submission, for those not eligible PI letter needs to provide reason of why not (see above)

We congratulate the 2022 Paris Fens  Forum Travel Grant Winners:

Ben-Orli Nathanson

David Vijatovic

Laura Burnett

Marta Nowakowska

Önal Cihan

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