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Hans Tuppy Obituary

22 May 2024 10:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It is with great sadness that the ANA learned about the recent passing of Hans Tuppy (*22 July 1924, Vienna – †24 April 2024).

Hans Tuppy was an outstanding figure in Austria’s academia. With the prospects of a brilliant academic career, he chose to serve the academic world in a truly altruistic manner. He held various prestigious positions: Dean of the Medical Faculty (1970-72), Rector of the University of Vienna and President of the Rectors' Conference (1983-85), President of the Austrian Science Fund (1974-82), President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (1985-87), and Minister for Science and Research (1987-89). In its obituary, the IMP acknowledged Hans Tuppy for his role in “providing crucial support for the development of IMP and the Vienna BioCenter.” On the occasion of his 90th birthday, his student Peter Palese delivered a touching speech. Despite all the positions he held, he was a wonderful, lovely person with a curious, open mind who made you feel like a colleague. His occasional critical remarks always came with a humorous, chuckling smile.

I remember Hans Tuppy very well. He delivered brilliant lectures in chemistry and biochemistry (unfortunately, very little molecular biology at the time), which were always packed with us, the students. I passed my “Rigorosum” with distinction, even though I somehow messed up my practical exam by not getting the expected results. He did not mind, as I could somehow prove that I understood the principle.

At the 2016 Meeting at the ISTA, ANA awarded Hans Tuppy its Honorary Membership. He deeply regretted that he could not attend in person. Keeping his generosity and kindness in our hearts, we will miss him greatly.

Sigismund Huck & the Austrian Neuroscience Community

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