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ANA Meeting Travel Grants

ABOUT THE INITIATIVE: These grants are to make sure you do not miss the most special neuroscience event in Austria, recurring every two years. Dedicated to all young neuroscientists, and members of ANA. (The amount of support depends on the location of the forum)

This year we sponsor travel grants to join the ANA meeting 2025at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).

WHEN TO APPLY: Send your application after you register for the ANA meeting. ANA meetings recur every other year.

ANA Travel Grant Applications will close on the 30. June 2025


Send the following documents by email to:

- Free form inquiry, an accompanying application letter that for example among other items could outline the reason for attending, the research presented, financial or other reasons


NOTE: ALL our prizes/grants dedicated to ANA members exclusively. To apply for ANA membership you can follow the instructions at the link Join ANA

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