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The Otto Loewi Award

The Otto Loewi Award is a prestigious award for neuroscience research in Austria provided biannually by the Austrian Neuroscience Association (ANA). It is named after the Austrian-American Pharmacologist and Physiologist Otto Loewi, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1936 for the discovery of chemical neurotransmission.

The aim of Otto Loewi Award is the promotion of neuroscience research in Austria by awarding this prize for outstanding scientific contributions in an active field of neuroscience. The particular intention is to honor research achieved in Austria. The awared is offered biannually.

In 2017 the Otto-Loewi-Award is endowed with € 5.300,- sponsored by the Hertie Foundation.

Neuroscientists working in Austria who are not older than 40 years are invited to apply for the Otto-Loewi-Award. The call is announced in due time at the website of the Austrian Neuroscience Association. The proposals are reviewed and decided on by a prize committee consisting of five qualified proponents chaired by the president of the ANA. The awards are presented during the biannual ANA Meetings.


Otto Loewi Award 2015

Past Otto-Loewi Awardees